Large buttons and easy to read Customizeable interface Looks like Crystal Reports Enter parameters just like Crystal Reports Extra features like copy to clipboard and emailing Easily send a professional email with report attached Optionally enable auto-close feature to conserve memory Optionally fetch and override record selection Extensive data connection options if needed Enterprise edition available with separate logon Keep track of everything that runs Detailed log files and much, much, more

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Jeff-Net Report Runner Viewer is our simple, easy to use, Crystal Reports viewer. ALL versions of Crystal Reports are supported. It will run on any Windows based machine. If there are parameters for the reports, you will be prompted. All the flexibility of running it within Crystal Reports, but users can't modify the report templates. This is a much less expensive option than buying another license for the Crystal Reports designer just to look at reports, and it is much easier to use by end users.

Additionally, our Viewer offers some really cool functionality:
  • Auto-refresh (every X minutes)
  • Auto-close (after X minutes)
  • Easy Mailing (customize email and attachment type)
  • Short-cut keys to mail, print, export, refresh, toggle group tree and parameter panel on and off, enlarge/decrease view, first/last/previous/next page, and goto specific page
  • Maximized report viewing window removes EVERYTHING except report
  • Our Viewer is completely customizable per user. There are over 85 INI-based options for locking folders, saving login information, hiding and/or customizing features (literally anything you can imagine).
  • Optional global monitoring feature logs ALL report activity to your SQL Server database (track who ran what reports when -- includes machine/user name)
  • Optional $500 Developer license to co-brand the Viewer for your company (change logo and modify colors on Viewer window to your company logo and branding, and extra command line options to print to printer without viewing and pre-set parameters to end users are not prompted)
If this software doesn't do something you expect, just let us know. We'll probably add it in for you for free, or tell you how to do it (maybe it's already an existing feature).

Pricing still starts at only $50 for a one year license! Licenses renew at just $4 per user. Site licenses are also just $4 per user to renew, and Citrix/Terminal Server license renewals are 10% of the current purchase price.

Last, but not least, we do have a FREE edition of our viewer. It is not customizable, but it is FREE.


Beautifully Designed
Our software is laid out in a way that makes sense. We are meticulous in our design. If you know Crystal Reports, our software will make perfect sense.
Customizable Interface
Interface can be customized to meet your companys needs, by user. For example, if you want to give power users access to editing the record selection criteria, you can do that. If you want to lock a user to a particular directory, you can do that, too, all by using simple to understand INI commands.
Easy to Setup and Deploy
Download, install, and be running Crystal Reports templates in minutes. Site license customers get a company ".LIC" file to use for deployment. If you ever need to move the Viewer to another machine, our licensing is flexible enough that you can do it yourself. You don't need to contact us to move licensing.
Very Affordable
Pricing starts at just $50 for the first user and costs per user go way down from there. We even have a free, ad-supported version available.
Command Line Options
Viewer can easily be called from other applications by passing the report, user ID, password, and record selection (if necessary). This option also allows you to set up short-cuts on a users desktop.
Citrix and Terminal Server Licensing Available
Our Viewer can also be run on a Citrix or Terminal Server. There are some memory considerations with this option, but we do make it available.
Excellent Technical Support
We provide free technical support for all of our software products. We'll even show you how to use, setup, configure, and integrate the Batch product into your environment during your evaluation period with us.
Try Before You Buy
Download a free, 45 day, fully functioning evaluation of our software.

1 PC
5 PCs
$225 ($45/user)

Site Licensing (Terminal Servers Not Included):

Site License (10 PCs)
Site License (15 PCs)
Site License (25 PCs)
Site License (50 PCs)
Site License (75 PCs)
Site License (100 PCs)
$425 ($42.50/user)
$600 ($40/user)
$950 ($38/user)
$1750 ($35/user)
$2437.50 ($32.50/user)
$3000 ($30/user)

* Pricing is not concurrent user pricing. It is machine-based pricing for the above site licenses. If you have more than 500 PCs to license, let us know and we will create a custom quote for you. Renewals are just $4/user per year.

For Citrix and Terminal Server licensing, it is total-possible-users-based pricing. Just to reiterate, it's not concurrent user pricing. Citrix and Terminal Server licensing is also requires licensing per server. For example, if you have a 6-machine Terminal Server farm that you spread/balance 50 users on, you need to purchase 6 Terminal Server licenses. You may not use a PC license on a Terminal Server, even if it is only for one user. If any of our pricing seems really high for the total number of users you're trying to license, just let us know. It is our ultimate goal to provide a fair, cost-effective price for our licensing. Renewals are just 10% per server ($95-$150) per year.

Citrix or Terminal Server Licensing:

More Than
50 Users

Infinity Licensing:

Optionally Choose Infinity Suite
Yearly Subscription - License ALL Products
Optionally Choose Infinity Viewer
Yearly Subscription - Unlimited Viewer Licensing

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